May 1, 2013

So...after much debate, prodding and wading through the STUFF, I along with some friends have decided this would be the year that we try new things. This would be the year that we stopped talking ideas to death and just went with it.... Enter NeoBantuBanta - odd name you may think however let me explain. Among other things Bantu is a group of languages spoken in southern and eastern Africa. I hail from one of these many (and by many we mean 250 at last count) Bantu tribes as do a lot of the friends I have coerced into contributing to this blog however, Bantu can also be translated to mean "people" therefore I am Bantu, you are Bantu, we are BantuAnd well Banta, (aka Banter) that's just chit chatting. I don't want to preempt this blog and tell you what its gonna be about, I just want it to kinda naturally evolve. I do know that I would like for it to be a celebration of all things, from the fabulous to the mundane and all the things that make us unique and similar....

Here's hoping that your wishes are fulfilled with Champagne toasts and that your dreams are as vast as the Savanna plains.


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