Sep 14, 2013

Thirsty Travellers

After many years of maybe’s and one day’s I’ve finally made it Hong Kong and the first thing that hits you when you leave the terminal is the HEAT!! It’s Mid July and it is hot and humid….think steam room, and it’s totally unexpected. I realize the travel guides that waxed lyrically about “hot, sticky days and sultry nights” were not kidding. The irony of an African complaining about the heat… Anyway on to the business at hand- exploring Hong Kong! The region is basically divided into Hong Kong Island, the bit you always see in the movies, where you’ll find the financial district, and Kowloon where you’ll find your major shopping and tourist districts, particularly Tsim Sha Tsui (tourist friendly with direct access to Victoria Harbor), and Mong Kok (crowded, eclectic shopping district where no one speaks English.) You can see it clearly in the picture above. Hong Kong Island is at the bottom, Kowloon is the bit at the top, separated by the Victoria Harbor. For some really fantastic views of the Honk Kong skyline, and to take awesome pics like this…take the ferry across Victoria Harbor and hop into a Red sight seeing bus to Victoria Peak. A 10 minute tram-ride up the side of the peak and you’ll be at the pinnacle where you can take pictures from the viewing platform at the top of the visitor center. Picture 7 A word to the wise…DO NOT eat at any of the themed restaurants there. Think..tourist trap, bland food…and expensive. A sub par lunch for two at a John Dory (I know….smh) set us back about $100 for two. Yes, that’s right…everything is expensive in Hong Kong, sometimes eye wateringly so. A beer…$10. But I will say this, you will savor that $10 beer in the Hong Kong summer heat, and it will most likely be the best beer you’ve ever had. Common once said something about warm day, cold beer chemistry.Picture 8
Apart from the really touristy stuff, were lucky to be there to catch the annual Hong Kong dragon boat festival in all its glory. Pure random luck, that’s usually when you get the best experiences, no?
And the best part…FREE beer courtesy of San Miguel. We spend a fantastic three days and two nights there, which is not nearly enough time. One thing that struck me about the place, it is at once a modern shining metropolis, and a rough and ramshackle trading port all at the same time. It feels expansive, almost intimidating but at the same time small, crowded and intimate. I am definitely going back for more. I fear I may have started a life long addiction. TC
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