Oct 2, 2013

Mozambican Beauties

My recent travels took me through Mozambique where I met a lot of warm friendly people . Mozambicans, I found are always up for a good time! My grandad used to say "As smart as you are I don't think you will ever be as smart as your dad!" the Jury is still out on that in my opinion. I am fortunate and beyond blessed to have the father I have....I could write a soliloquy on on the things that make him amazing but there isn't enough memory on this server. Among his many talents my dad can trace back our family history 6-7 generations that originated with Two brothers that came over from (then) Mozambique to (now) Zimbabwe selling textiles. So when I told him I was going to Mozambique his response was "Oh, so you're going back home!"  And babbeeeeyyy home I was! Maputo is warm, sophisticated, party city, a tad bit pretentious and fabulous ...JUST LIKE ME!

As you can see I was romping through Africa in my Neobantu  - here I am wearing the Ada Jumpsuit....... Want One??? Subscribe to the blog and be the first to know when it will be available.

While wearing the NeoBantu Apollo Clutch Jacket I met a few cuties -  Every Gorgeous guy (and they are Plenty Gorgeous) greets you with not just one but TWO kisses.....(swoons and faints!) Lord have mercy!

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