Sep 28, 2014

What We Are Reading

At NeoBantu we are book lovers and often times each of us will be reading several books at any one time - and no it really doesn't get confusing especially if they are such varied topics and authors. Rework is a must read for anyone thinking about starting any sort of business - its written in very short chapters that make the information easy to digest and often left me saying "wow" and writing vigorous notes. This is my second go at this book coz yes, its the kind of book you will keep coming back to especially when inspiration and motivation are running a little low.

Sadly, I am behind on the African Writers front so I am trying to catch up as best as I can and thoroughly enjoying it. I devoured Chimamanda's books last year and was instantly hooked so went on a search for more writers.This is a collection of short stories that have me gasping, suprised, happy and sprinkled with some sadness and a healthy dose of familiarity.

Because I have a lot going on,  I am trying to steer clear of books that will have me housebound for days on end - yes I have been known to read non stop and only getting up (with annoyance) to pee.
Ari - is reading all about Texas History - Texas women's history to be precise... wish I could say I will read these books when she is through - I am always intrigued by the history of women particularly because we don't often hear the roles women played in years past. I think however I will have Ari - write a review for all of us that cant quite tuck into a book on history - I must say if this was a documentary - I would be all over it.

Additionally - Marion is paging through this months Vogue - yes the Fat one! I always mean to read it but it always looks so overwhelming - but I will give it a shot ...... again.
If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them - go easy on me though. I don't want to be caged up in my apartment with a book - but then again, maybe I do.

Champagne wishes, Savannah Dreams!

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