May 22, 2015

Grace and Poise

I am always in awe of the grace and poise that some birds and animals poses - what if we could take just a little of that and use that in our own lives? Hmmm........

Growing up one of the lessons I had to learn was carrying items on my head - I was dismal at this to say the least. But if you look around all over Africa women are gracefully doing so, seemingly with such ease and poise. 
My yoga instructor tell me the balance comes from my center - my core, in the same way that you may do in tree pose - which is hard enough without anything on one's head.
So here's to you NeoBantu Girls through whatever loads you may be carrying (on our heads or otherwise) may you have an abundance of grace, poise and balance!
Tendai and The NeoBantu Team 

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