Nov 19, 2015

Our Muse - Kess Kraving

This turkey was heavenly!

Kess of Kesskravings shared with us some of her thanksgiving recipes. I have been such a fan of Kess and found myself stalking her on Instagram to see what yummy deliciousness she was cooking up. What makes Kess's cooking so mouthwatering is that she mixes traditional African recipes with American dishes - creating the absolute best of both worlds.

Must try Turkey Recipe

The balance of African spices and a western dishes is a skill Kess has perfected and given that we love anything that's a fusion of the familiar and the new - I was sold!

Dinner is Served

 I wanted to get to know Kess a little better so here goes:

Name: Kess Eshun

Occupation: Homemaker to hubby and 3 gorgeous boys

Passion - Cooking, all things food and the look on my guests faces when they taste my food.

Weekend: In bed with chocolate

Favorite item to eat: Chocolate everything, chocolate bar, chocolate cake - anything chocolatey

Favorite item to cook: Chocolate Cake

NB Favorite - The Coco Dress - its incredibly flattering and I feel wonderful in it. I also had my eye on the Nancy Raglan Top and I love the Davina Shift Dress from last season

Kess will be launching a Cookbook app  - buts its so much more than that. It allows you to create grocery lists, plan your meals, control portions, make substitutions and keep your calories in check while making better food choices which we all need heading into the festive season. To find out more about this app, great recipes and general inspiration:

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Love and Light

Tendai & the NeoBantu Team

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