Dec 10, 2015

Our Muse - Yogi Holly Rice Part I

Holly Rice
 Marketing Manager

Empowering myself and others with the knowledge and tools to be the best version of ourselves- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Do what we love, what we enjoy, drink it up and soak it all in. 
My mom introduced me to yoga in 2007 and then I began practicing regularly/consistently in 2012. A year later, I decided to pursue my teaching certification. Yoga has been so beneficial for me in many ways so I am compelled to share it with others. I currently teach private and semi-private classes out of my home of various yoga styles- yin, vinyasa flow, etc. I am currently shopping studios in Dallas where I may teach part time, that will be a good fit for me and for their studio. I've got some other yoga focused projects in the works and am planning to launch a blog soon! Stay tuned. ;-) 

Favorite Weekend Past time
Spending quality time with my tribe (friends / loved ones)- over brunch, live music, dancing, attending a yoga class, anything outdoors, festivals, or any other activity shared together. 

Favorite eats 
I love all types of foods and the cultural influence specific geographical regions have on food. I think it gives you a good glimpse into a people and their history. I have a chef friend who owns a restaurant called 27 in Deep Ellum, whom I had asked MANY times to create a fried chicken fried rice dish for me. He followed through on my birthday this past August and created my often requested fried chicken fried rice! It was fantastic! Being from the South, fried chicken was a big part of my life.

Stay Tuned for part II......

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