Mar 17, 2016

Fe-male = (Fe = Iron, Male = man)

So March is women's history month and as I reflect on women in history I am drawn to the image below. It reflects my history and how women were revered as an integral part of society. You see this image represented the furnace where the Shona People would smelt iron. Yes, I am aware it is in the shape of a rather rotund woman however stick with me....

The furnace was not for the faint of heart due the heat, the tenacity and shear physical and mental strength required to operate around the furnace was according to legend, akin to the pain, tenacity and shear strength women endured during child birth. But more importantly it was the appreciation of what came out of the gruesome ordeals - one produced iron tools and gadgets - the other produced growth of the nation, both considered invaluable.

What I find most gratifying was that only MEN worked at the furnace, how is that for men appreciating the role that women play in society?

So here is to women past, present and future - your mere existence is creating history.

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