Apr 19, 2016


Are you still mulling over the T-shirts and pondering which girl is more like you or your alter ego?  Here are a few more options. If you missed the previous girls..... Sign me up for the newsletter
Miss Sassy-pants Anna can often be found wizzing around the city in her Vespa, the consummate fashionista who states that she hates trends - though she somehow has a tendency to set them. Hardly ever seen without a fabulous pair of glasses. Her favorite accessories being a flash of red lipstick and an Apple Martini.


The Temptress - we cannot be held responsible for the spell she will cast on you with her piercing eyes, Teena dances to the rhythm of her own tune. One can't help but be mesmerized by her infectious energy and naughty smile. Careful, this lady can talk you into anything especially after she has had a Screwdriver or two.

Coco commands a boardroom as easily as she does the kitchen, the host with a most, she can whip up a fabulous dinner party in no time. This Sexy Boss lady is disarmingly charming, a winner of hearts and minds - favorite drink, wine - red, always. 

Let us know if you are any of these girls - or maybe even a little bit of each - we would love to hear from you and are always sharing insights on style tips, fun stories and specials. Sign me up for the newsletter

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