Apr 12, 2016

Afrocentric Fashion - NeoBantu Women

For all  the things that make us different, powerful, vivacious, fun, exciting, charming - oh the list is endless. I wanted you to meet some of my favorite women - I hope you find a reflection of yourself or not - either way.
We introduced you to Stacey and Sadie via our newsletter - but lets get to know them even better.
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This week is super busy as Stacey has calendar choc full of activity - our artsy girl is thriving as the Dallas Art Fair is in town! Lotsa champagne and hob nobing for a single girl whats not to love? Given that Stacey is prone to forgetfulness - someone please remind her to get somewhat organized and make sure she doesn't miss or forget peoples names.... Oh its gonna be good, last year this time she met the dashing art collector from Milan - but shortly after dashing turned to dodgy.


Ms Sadie Long legs, I like to call her, can finally enjoy her hair - thing is the winter dries her hair out and the summer humidity wrecks havoc so, spring is just perfect - unless of course its raining - that's never good for Sadie.
For the umpteeth time Sadie, our resident Party Girl has sworn off drinking as she overdid it last week - after telling herself that she was just gonna go out have TWO drinks MAX - pah! That plan did not work out well as the pictures she saw the day after proved! She asks herself  - what sane woman in her 30's is still dancing on the bar...Sadie! But if we know Sadie like we know Sadie - and really to know her is to love her - we can attest that a bloody good time was had by all. Cest la vie!

Get to know the rest of the girls in upcoming newsletters and blog updates
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