Apr 26, 2016

Neobantu Celebrates You: Happy Mothers's Day

Image sourced from http://afritorial.com/the-best-72-african-wise-proverbs

In the history of many cultures we see that the female figure was highly celebrated and considered to be the giver of life. This common theme can be seen in paintings, sculptures and literature from all parts of the world. Yet now, in so many societies across the globe women are the minorities, and do not get the respect or treatment that they deserve.

You can not change how other people choose to treat the women or mothers in their lives but you can most definitely celebrate those in your life and treat them like the Queens that they are. This mothers's day we want to celebrate all the moms out there who continuously go out of their way to give so much of themselves to their families and communities. You are Queens, life givers, we applaud you for your strength and celebrate you!

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