May 20, 2016

Evolution of the Shift Dress

Easy Classic styles have always been the flagship of NeoBantu inspirations. The shift dress presented a new way of wearing the traditional African Dashiki's in a way that we believed to be modern but still maintained the easy grace and poise fashioned by many a man and woman in a myriad of African cities.

From our very first one which proved to be a handy summer wardrobe staple, paired with heels for a hassle free night out, or with flats for a laid back day look.

Along the markets of Africa as we toured, scavenged and took in the city sights of Dar Es Salaam.

 Then again in Capetown.... all that exploring made a girl a little peckish! So we stopped for a bite to eat.

There is an easy elegance about the Shift dresses, an effortless way to instantly look great.

And now you can shop the newest edition of the staple shift dress

Be a part of the Shift Dress evolution and get a one just in time for all those summer vacations, barbecues, walks on the beach and warm nights on the town.

We are currently running a give away for the Newly minted Embroidered Shift Dress - must enter to win.

* Sign up by June 7th
* Winner will be announce June 15th
* Styles and print based on availability
* NeoBantu reserves the right to provide a gift card of equivalent value

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