Jul 18, 2016

Summer Holiday - Girls Trip

Lavida Samuels, entrepreneur extraordinaire and business owner of Elle Vie Body Products is always looking to find inspiration from creative people, while visiting exciting places. And as she would say "You have no excuse. what are you waiting for? Be good to yourself!"

We asked Lavida to give us some insights on a recent trip to Dubai she just took with some girlfriends - isn't that on just about everyone's bucket list? Neither of her girlfriends though, had ever really done "group travel", so knowing how tricky it can be to spend a week in uncharted territory with a group of women who may or may not be aligned on travel norms...Lavida was well....a bit skeptical.  

Needless to say, however she was extremely pleased with the group of like minded women who were looking for a way to balance career and family by spending time focusing on themselves - no drama just fun!

I was drawn to Dubai because?

I was always interested in visiting Dubai, but honestly it wasn't at the top of my list.  My best friends and I were offered an opportunity to take the place of a few people who committed, but couldn't join a group trip - we were simply asked to take over their payments so that in itself increased the appeal and moved Dubai to the top of my list!  

 What were the essentials you packed?
  • Elle Vie body butter - I never leave home without it
  • portable speaker - access to good music not only a reliable favorite for my squad, but its a universal ice breaker to expand your reach
  • my digital camera - Nuff Said
  • a couple bottles of Veuve Clicquot from duty free​ (Dubai doesn't have liquor stores)
  • my best friends!  :) 

Favorite Dubai experience or what one MUST do when in Dubai

Favorite Dubai experience or what one MUST do when in Dubai
​ - Dune Bash!  I'm not a big "thrill seeker" and initially I was nervous because I thought I'd get nauseous, but it was so much fun. ​Also, The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is in Abu Dabi. It is about a 1.5 hours drive from Dubai, it was breathtaking.  

Things to avoid in Dubai

​The rogue vendors in the Souk Marketplaces.  They were very aggressive.  The shop owners were cool, but there were several merchants that walk around harassing you to purchase from them.​  Somewhat like canal st. in NYC on steroids.

Best thing I ever ate in Dubai 

 - the sandwiches and gold sprinkled pastries at the Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea.  Our time in Dubai wasn't as focused around food as some of my other travel excursions, but we still made a point to enjoy local experiences.  Afternoon Tea is definitely a local experience that I highly recommend and it ranges from one to  five stars depending on the venue. 

Travel tip(s)
Don't complain about how much things cost, Dubai is the land of opulence and things tend to be pricey. I have no plans of returning to Dubai, so I decided to do everything I wanted to do so that I wouldn't return home and say, "I wish I'd done that."   ​