Jul 27, 2016

Summer Travel Guide - Thailand with Lisa Kay

Avid animal lover Lisa Kay wear many hats - a busy professional in the property management world as well as full time student one has to wonder where and how she unwinds and recharges her batteries - well Thailand of course. So imagine her joy when a baby elephant wrapped his trunk around Lisa and drew her in..... read on about her amazing adventure.

I was drawn to Thailand because?

Many of my friends who travel overseas first visit metropolitan hubs of Western civilization like Paris and London - those places are amazing as well and I hope to also lay eyes on them someday soon. However, I always knew that when I finally got my first chance to visit a foreign land, it would be some place that still had untamed, undeveloped areas; I wanted a front row seat to the most beautiful, natural sights on this planet, I wanted to get lost in nature, meet some indigenous people, and experience ancient cultures and traditions in a place where nothing and no one looked familiar. Phuket, a Southern province of Thailand, is a mountainous island in the Andaman Sea covered in rainforests and beaches; it is surrounded by smaller islands and archipelagos set in majestic blue waters and is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, literally. 

What were the essentials you packed?

I did a significant amount of research beforehand and was very thoughtful about planning my trip, purchasing travel/adventure insurance, getting the recommended vaccines, and having copies of all my documents – so I brought along duplicate copies of all my paperwork.

Besides paperwork, I brought my best friend (Kyle Cody), cowboy boots, a few sun dresses, my sun glasses, and some flip flops. What else does a gal need? 

Favorite Thai experience or what one MUST do when in Thailand

I rented a car, so we traveled from one end of the island to the other and saw as much as we possibly could. Every experience was my great, but a few “biggies” stand out amongst the rest…
  • An ATV tour through the jungle covered mountains in Chalong to Big Buddha. 
  • Writing our names on tiles to be used in the ongoing construction of Big Buddha, 
  • Driving the quads up to an outdoor tree house restaurant at the top of the mountains overlooking a vast rain forest
  • watching a fantastically colored sun disappear into a calm, blue-grey sea while we sipped wine on the beach until the early morning

Best thing I ever ate in Thailand

The Halal food we ate on Krabi island in Koh Phi Phi was amazing, but I do not know what it was. 

Thailand Travel tip(s)

1. Wear sunscreen.
2. If you rent a car, the steering column is on the opposite side of the car, you drive on the opposite side of the road, driving up and down some of the mountains is a bit treacherous, have a GPS handy, you will always be surrounded by mopeds and motorcycles in Thai streets and at intersections, there are animals crossing every road everywhere 24/7/365 (dogs, cats, monkeys, and elephants),
3. Learn some Thai greetings before you go (hello, good day, thank you, help me, and please). 
4. Have Fun and take a million pictures.
5. Get a protective, water proof case for your phone and tether it to your body. 


  1. WOW !!! Great pictures and great information!
    Thanks Lisa Kay for being informative and sharing your wonderful experience.
    -keep us posted as the traveling continues!

  2. Great article. I love that a piece of you is now forever in Thailand in the form of your name written on a tile.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Lisa for sharing your wonderful adventures with us - looking forward to the next one

  4. It was truly a beautiful place and the people were amazing! Can't wait to visit again!!!

  5. It was truly a beautiful place and the people were amazing! Can't wait to visit again!!!

    1. Hey Cody - seems you are the best travel buddy! take us with you next time